The Cohesion Collective

Become a brilliant professional bellydancer in 9 months with the Dance Cohesion framework incorporating frame drum and cued improvisation.


The application only takes 2 minutes, there's no obligation to join, and if we're a fit to work together, you'll get a *free* invite to my advanced private training where I share EXACTLY how I've helped hundreds reach their professional bellydance goals!


M.A. Culture & Performance
B.A. Dance

I want to support you in becoming a professional bellydancer!

As well as to connect to your body, courage, and intuition so you can live an embodied, skillful, joyous life.

What Is
Holding You Back?

Maybe you are feeling...

Scared To Start

You feel called to learn bellydance, but you're thinking: "I'm too old," or "my body isn't the correct shape," or "I don't have rhythm."

Frustrated With Your Dance Life

You've been bellydancing a while but don't feel seen or challenged. You crave high-level direction from a caring effective teacher and heart connections with equally passionate dancers.

Burned Out By It All

You've gigged and taught all over town, traveled to every convention, and competed in every competition. You crave greater emotional depth from your relationship to dance, and you need your inspiration cup filled.

The Truth Is:

Becoming a professional bellydancer
is totally possible!

It is never too late

The next level of bellydance brilliance is achievable for every type of body and human, including you!

Imagine What You'll Feel Like When

You Are In Control

Because you know exactly what to practice and how, you see your technique improve quickly. You are in total control on a micro-muscular level and you feel powerful in your body.

You Are Connected

When playing frame drum and finger cymbals while dancing in sync with others, collectively improvising in the moment, your mind is totally present and you feel supported by your team.

You Are Creating

By listening to your muse and using the tools of choreography to create intentional, meaningful dances that captivate and inspire audiences, you feel aligned with your purpose.

Imagine Yourself On Stage

Empowered in your body
and creative expression

A beacon of inspiration and artistry

Part of the lineage of bold bellydancers who have existed throughout history

Dancing, playing finger cymbals, frame drumming

Deeply connected and fully present


to be brilliant!

to be a confident and captivating bellydancer

living purposefully and creatively


The Cohesion Collective

Bellydance with April Rose

Become a professional bellydancer in 9 months with the Dance Cohesion framework incorporating frame drum and cued improvisation



in-depth program for learning everything you need to go pro with bellydance

  • technique
  • history
  • rhythms
  • frame drum
  • finger cymbals
  • instruments & songs
  • safe body mechanics
  • mind centering
  • combinations
  • choreography
  • solo improvisation
  • cued group improvisation
  • choreographic composition
  • performance & production design
  • teaching strategies
Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"For the practical application of dance as a meditative practice in order to cultivate solid technique using a choose-your-own-adventure approach to layering, all wrapped in an academic perspective on the origins of the dance, Dance Cohesion is one of my favorite programs. An excellent endeavor to make bellydance as stylistically neutral as possible - to learn the "rules" before you break them, movements are presented in their basic biomechanical forms so the student can focus on efficiency and accuracy before adding influences of style or other dance disciplines. Perhaps the best takeaway from the Dance Cohesion Stage 1 Enrichment Course is the idea that movement practice can be carried out in a way that allows the practitioner to let go of their ego and the internal monologues that can sometimes override a practice session. From it's multidisciplinary nature, to its thoughtful progression of Arabic rhythms in conjunction with movement and history, as well as the philosophical lessons on how consistent practice without judging yourself is important for your dance growth, April Rose has created an excellent intensive for all levels of study."

- Seraph

Why I Created Dance Cohesion

After touring 25 countries, I felt disappointed by the separation I saw between the traditional MENAHT (Middle Eastern, North African, Hellenic, Turkish) dance communities and the fusion dance communities.

I felt artistically lost because I didn't fit in either restrictive category of being truly a "raqs sharqi" or "transcultural fusion" dancer - nor did I want to fit!

So I created my own elegant, thoughtful, and playful approach to bellydance that incorporates elements of tradition (like Middle Eastern rhythms on frame drum and cymbals) mixed with elements of innovation (like Sigil Method cued group improvisation and fusion choreography).

What's Included in the Program

Take a Look Inside The Cohesion Collective



Get your questions answered in weekly group meetings where April Rose helps you overcome challenges and stay inspired. Practice what you are learning each week with group practice sessions!



Get 9 months access to the complete library of video lessons for Dance Cohesion Stages 1-3 plus the bonus Teacher Training modules.



Each week you can submit your work via video submission to receive personalized feedback and corrections.



Connect with the other dancers in the collective, ask questions, and get support in our private group forum where you'll meet friends and collaborators.



Deep-dive with April Rose and the Cohesion team after you hit key points in the program, to reflect, review, get personalized guidance, and celebrate!



You have the option to submit your Student Assessments and Teacher Training Evaluations to earn printed certificates and manuals.


This program is very intentionally designed to be a 9 month container, as it will allow you enough time to complete all three Stages of the Dance Cohesion courses as well as hit your performance milestone goals!

Stage 1
Enrichment Course

Bellydance Movement, Music, and History

  • Learn safe and efficient body mechanics for foundational raqs sharqi and transcultural fusion movement
  • Embody Middle Eastern rhythms on the frame drum and learn the qualities of common instruments
  • Begin incorporating finger cymbals into your dancing
  • Practice solo improvisation to develop your personal taste and style
  • Learn about the historical development and cultural contexts for this long-living tradition
  • Submission Reward: submit your Stage 1 Student Assessment to get your certificate of completion and the Stage 2 printed manual!
  • Performance Milestone: perform solo improvisation to a classic song to earn a 1:1 milestone call!

Stage 2 Connection Course

Dance and Frame Drum with Cued Group Improvisation

  • Learn a raqs sharqi-inspired movement language that will enable you to perform improvisationally in a group
  • Embody Middle Eastern rhythms on the frame drum and play improvisationally with others while traveling and dancing
  • Learn to dance complex movement phrases while simultaneously playing rhythms with multi-tonal finger cymbals
  • Submission Reward: submit your Stage 2 Student Assessment to get your certificate of completion and the Stage 3 printed manual!
  • Performance Milestone: perform with percussion (frame drum or finger cymbals) to earn a 1:1 milestone call!

Stage 3

Create Intentional Art

  • Learn the tools and process for creating intentional choreography
  • Create consistent practice and production schedules that work for your personality type
  • Dance and drum advanced group improvisation concepts with detailed finger cymbal patterns
  • Discover and remember what the practices of dance and drum mean to you in your life journey
  • Submission Reward: submit your Stage 3 Student Assessment to get your certificate of completion!
  • Performance Milestone: perform your own choreography to earn a 1:1 milestone call!
Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I've often joked that it would be so convenient to be able to learn through osmosis, but April Rose has actually achieved this through her Dance Cohesion program. The deceptively simple activities seem to focus on single, foundational aspects of dance, and that is extremely important. The learner is largely unaware, however, of how the other various elements of the dance are being interwoven throughout the program. After the first couple of sections of the program, I realized that I had somehow internalized not only the movements, but the associated rhythms, multi-instrument musical compositions, connections of the frame drum tones to the dance, underlying foot and arm patterns, and the rich dance history. I entered the lesson expecting to focus on one thread of the dance, but I left the lesson with a complete tapestry."

- Krista

Group Coaching
Private Community

Coaching Calls

with April Rose & The Cohesion Team

The weekly coaching calls are your place to share your current wins and challenges, overcome mindset blocks, and get all your questions answered.

We will drum, dance, and discuss. Having a hard time with mastering that technique or retaining those rhythms? Do you feel nervous or excited about an upcoming performance you are creating? Are you facing personal challenges in your dance community?

All questions and concerns will be held and addressed in the coaching calls.

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

Private Community

Closed Online Forum & Virtual Gatherings

Surround yourself with other passionate dancers in an intentional uplifting space that accelerates progress.

In the community forum we'll share wins, challenges, and stories.

We'll also gather periodically with virtual mixers, jams, and shows.

And yes, we'll absolutely have a strong code of conduct and group guidelines for a supportive space.

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"My favorite part of Dance Cohesion Stage 1 (besides listening to different musical instruments) was experiencing 'aha moments' while learning about the history of bellydance. The research April Rose presents and the open conversations about cultural and historical context were invaluable to me."

- Somaria

Individual Feedback
1:1 Milestone Calls

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

Submission Feedback

from April Rose & The Cohesion Team

You will have the opportunity to get personal feedback on your work (like Student Assessments and Teacher Evaluations) each week.

When you are ready to submit, send in your materials by the weekly deadline, and you will get your personalized feedback within that week.

Upon submitting the Student Assessment after completing each stage you will receive a certificate of completion and the manual for the next course.

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

1:1 Milestone Calls

with April Rose & The Cohesion Team

There are four 1:1 calls that happen throughout your time in the program. The first is your onboarding call, to get you set up with a custom action plan. Then, three additional calls upon the achievement of each of the following milestones:

1 - Upon submission of a solo improv performance to a classic song
2 - Upon submission of a performance with percussion (frame drum or cymbals)
3 - After you perform your own choreography

Improvisation was scary to me but now the feeling in the moment of “being danced” is truly magical! Every decision is a conscious choice, not a gamble. It feels great.”

- Drake

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"The session we had really gave me a profound insight on the choreographic process. Very technical and well structured. It helped me work on techniques that brought my visions to life in a very clear form. Up until then I never really understood what goes into planning a choreography."

- Josephine



Teacher Training

Stages 1, 2, & 3

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

  • Learn how to teach the Dance Cohesion content
  • Practice identifying safe postures and offering correction
  • Teach beginners and advanced dancers at the same time with a scaffolding approach
  • Facilitate a positive classroom culture
  • Save precious class-prep time by teaching the Cohesion codified curriculum
  • Spend less time organizing and more time supporting your students
  • Submission Reward: pass your Teacher Evaluation to become a Dance Cohesion Trained Teacher and get your Trained Teacher certificate!
Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"Yay!! So, glad I have this curriculum now to use in my next session at the Retirement Community in January. A lot of group improv formats need a basics class and this is perfect. Plus with Dance Cohesion, I have the lesson plans mostly done for me. Awesome!

- Abby

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I signed up for both the Enrichment Course and the Teacher Training. I immediately had this feeling of fear following signing up for the Teacher Training. I had never put myself outside of my comfort zone like that. Who am *I* to pursue teaching? Am I in over my head? The imposter syndrome hit hard. Well let me tell you, it was one of the most inspiring, exciting, educational, and mind-blowing experiences of my life. The Cohesion program is so thoughtful, methodical, fun and approachable. I am truly invigorated by the material and I am HUMBLED, HONORED, AND FREAKIN' STOKED to be able to say that I am a Stage 1 Trained Teacher in the Dance Cohesion format. This has been a huge growth for me and I am excited for my future growth. I overcame fear and discomfort and the reward just keeps on giving because I am stronger, more brave, and more confident in my abilities."

- Amber


Frame Drum

Members of The Cohesion Collective get 10% off the official Cohesion frame drum, made by legendary craftspeople: Cooperman.

You will love the vibration of the frame drum and be inspired by its ancient history.

"I come from a Moroccan family and I was born and grew up in France. I used to dance during family celebrations and I started bellydance classes in 2010. I started learning regularly from April since 2020, and I grew up as a dancer thanks to April's program, which is very complete. I learned the fundamentals of bellydance history and how to identify the main instruments of MENAHT music. I also realized one of my dreams: learning how to play duff, a frame drum. I love this instrument so much which symbolizes the connection with my grandmothers. While learning the rhythms on drum, I learned an amazing way to play those rhythms with fingers cymbals. It's tricky but so beautiful and I enjoy it so much. The dance technique part is brilliant: out of stylization, it’s easier to understand how a movement works. I have more control of my movements now and I am aware where my weaknesses are and I learned how to work on them and solidify my skills."

- Nora

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"WHAT. A. BLAST!! April Rose does a fantastic job of sharing her education and passion around bellydance movement, music, and research. She shortens the learning curve in a wonderful way by teaching her stylization of movements combined with Middle Eastern rhythms on finger cymbals and frame drum. I have been playing finger cymbals for a few years, but up to now had yet to really learn the actual rhythms associated. WOW. MIND. BLOWN. I came away from this course a much stronger musician than expected! Her approach to instruction is one big helping of gentle determination served up with a side pure love for teaching bellydance in all its variations."

- Suzy

Imagine Yourself In the Near Future

Enjoying the rewards of your investment in yourself

Being an in-demand performer

Earning an income as a bellydance teacher

The Cohesion Collective is for You Whether You Are a Beginner or a Pro

Whether you've never tried a hip lift before or have been bellydancing for decades, The Cohesion Collective has lessons, insights, and support for you.

"I'm just getting into this"

Great! The technique lessons in the Dance Cohesion Stage 1 Enrichment Course will start you off at the right place: the very beginning. Even if you’ve never danced, drummed, or cymbaled before- even if you know nothing about the history of bellydance or the music associated with it- the Cohesion framework is the best way to build knowledge and skills correctly, safely, and efficiently, from the start. That means you won't waste years practicing ineffectively and feeling discouraged by your slow progress. With the Cohesion system, you will gain skills fast!

"I've been at this a while"

Perfect! So many people have come to me just for advice on staying inspired in their dance practice, to learn more about bellydance history, frame drum, or to learn how to make a meaningful choreography. I find that when dancers come to me with years of expertise, we end up discovering lots of ways we can actually tweak what they are doing now to make their dance lives even more satisfying, creative, rewarding. If you are an instructor, you will love teaching the Dance Cohesion format so you don't have to create lesson plans or class content ever again!

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I learned so much from the Dance Cohesion Stage 1 Enrichment course. I find that either if you are a beginner, intermediate, or very experienced dancer you can gain so much from this course: Body awareness, musical and historical learning, perfecting your movement quality. April gave us a lot of material to keep us working for several months and she is also a very generous teacher that genuinely wants you to grow! I felt very fulfilled."

- Raquel

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I was attracted to April Rose's Cohesion program because it combined dance technique practice with the music, culture, and history that I believe is critical to every belly dancer's education, regardless of stylization. The Cohesion Stage 1 Enrichment Course and Stage 1 Teacher Training delivered all that and more! I was so impressed by April Rose's clear instruction, clean technique, and attention to efficient and safe biomechanics. The dance drills are thoughtfully designed and can be stacked to suit beginners while also challenging more experienced students. Music and history are included in every unit, as well as improvisation exercises to connect dancers to the joy of movement and music. There is also an emphasis on dance as a way to connect with yourself and others and enrich your life, the cherry on top that I didn't expect. As a student, this is the sort of program I want to take; as a teacher, this is the sort of program I wish I had been teaching this whole time."

- Mariza

Start Building
Your Brilliance Now

Reality Check:

The body dies

You don't have a moment to waste in this precious vessel!

Deepen your connection to your body, community, and creativity NOW through the art of bellydance

Today is the day you stop wasting your time with lonely, ineffective practice

Today is the day you start prioritizing your own artistic development and personal fulfillment

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I highly HIGHLY recommend studying with April- she is an amazingly knowledgeable and talented source, and treats her students and the art form with the utmost attention and respect. She is wonderful at breaking down the base elements of the dance form so you can really polish and perfect your technique while still having it feel so organic. Few dance forms are so challenging for the mind and body yet feel so good at the same time! If you want to improve your cymbal technique as well, I have never been a part of a training program that does this better- she's the absolute gold star in this aspect for sure. I love how we learn the drumming rhythms to really embody them and improve our musicality as well. If you want to have a great time and truly enjoy the process of learning and improving, train with April! I'm so thrilled to be part of her program."

- Pamela

My Values

Let's make sure we are on the same page about a few things before you apply.



The quickest way to progress in skills, knowledge, and creativity is through consistent, methodical practice done intentionally with total presence!



I value your progress toward your ideal dancer self, while I also fully embrace the beautiful fact that we will never achieve the perfection we seek. The pursuit itself is the reward.



When we say “I don’t know,” try something new, or share our art, thoughts, and feelings we open ourselves to massive growth and deep connection.

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I love your drills. They challenge my mind and keep me present and engaged. I appreciate this of you as a teacher cause I struggle with getting focused 😍, also you propose something that looks easy but is not in reality. So you kick the ass of my judgmental mind 😂"

- Milly

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I really appreciate the care and precision in the way the material in Dance Cohesion is laid out. I've always wanted to learn to play the drum and finger cymbals and it has seemed a daunting task but with this training I feel like that goal is now attainable. I also enjoyed learning the layering system of trunk movements, footwork, arm patterns, and finger cymbals. During this time of lock down it really helped to calm my nervous system to be able to peel off layers as needed or stack them up for more of a challenge. Plus the drum loops themselves can be used as a meditative practice alone. I highly recommend this program!"

- Abby

Who Is The Collective For?

It's for you if:

  • You appreciate both classic and fusion bellydance
  • You respect the places, people, and cultures from which raqs sharqi and MENAHT dances come
  • You understand there is no shortcut to practice
  • You value repetition
  • You want to improvise
  • You want to create choreography
  • You want to dance cued improvisation with a group
  • You want to play frame drum and finger cymbals (it's ok to be inexperienced or nervous about it)
  • You are a serious beginner
  • You are an advanced dancer ready for the next level

It's not for you if:

  • You do not appreciate both classic and fusion bellydance
  • You do not have respect for the places, people, and cultures from which raqs sharqi and MENAHT dances come
  • You are unwilling to practice consistently
  • You do not want to improvise
  • You do not want to create choreography
  • You do not want to dance cued improvisation with a group
  • You do not want to play frame drum and finger cymbals (though, even if you opted out of these, you would still get a lot of value from the program)
Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"I’ve done a few training programs and Dance Cohesion aligns with my goals as a performer and teacher the most. Very well structured, very clear, thorough, full of intent and passion. I am very grateful for the opportunity to study with April Rose. My favorite learning moments were the ones where she emphasized the significance of cohesion and how positive feedback and making everyone feel welcome is crucial. I learned a lot about myself as a teacher, a student, and about my role as a bellydancer in my community. I already knew my passion was in sharing dance and I have always loved teaching beginners more than anything for the same reason April emphasizes, to get the art out there for more people to experience it. Dance Cohesion ignited the passion inside me to continue to do this with more vigor and thorough presentation. I can’t say thank you enough!"

- Jenny

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"April Rose is the! There’re so many wonderful things I could say about Dance Cohesion. April doesn’t just care about technique, she also places a high importance on the integrity of the movement by incorporating proper body mechanics. This is huge for me because my training thus far has been just mimicking what someone is doing. Most important was the way I felt during the program. Yes, it was fast-paced, and sometimes overwhelming. But I never felt like I didn’t belong. April welcomes diversity and goes out of her way to make sure that EVERYONE feels included. As a minority dancer, this is such a crucial aspect. I appreciate her tremendously for that because she creates a safe space for all dancers to learn and grow."

- Tiquisia

Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose


A's for your Q's

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Become a brilliant bellydancer with April Rose

"April is not only an amazing and patient teacher, she is a lovely person shining from the inside out and always brings a smile. I have learned so much from Dance Cohesion Stage 1 and while I hadn't ever used drums or finger cymbals before, she understood and gave me the basics I needed to continue my practice. She was also extremely encouraging and positive throughout, always making sure to compliment and give positive affirmations. I don't have the best confidence in my abilities as a dancer but my experience with Cohesion has helped me. Thank you so much to April Rose for your guidance, positivity and encouragement."

- Kathryn

About me

I fell in love with bellydance as a child when I saw people unapologetically enjoying their bodies and connecting to music and one another.

I hold an M.A. in Culture and Performance and a B.A. in Dance from UCLA and have been honored by invitations to teach in over 25 countries.

Through movement and music, I'm here to serve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness within each dancer.

With a deep love for tradition, innovation, and individual expression, I believe when dances are approached with respect and humility we can access the deep healing transformative potential of collective human movement.

Get a Peek at Cohesion Style

Dance Cohesion combinations and concepts can be incorporated into many different types of performance...

In Cued Group Improvisation

In Group Choreography

In Solo Improvisation

Dance To Your Own Drum

Inside The Cohesion Collective you will fall in love with the frame drum...

Drum for Your Team as They Dance and Cymbal

Dance and Drum Simultaneously

As a Beautiful Ancient Prop

Real Bellydancers, Real Brilliance

See Drake hit his Cohesion-inspired performance milestones!

Solo Improvisation to a Classic Song

Perform with Percussion (Finger Cymbals or Frame Drum)

Perform Your Own Choreography (Classic or Fusion)

Lifelong Creative Friendships

You'll make new friends to create and perform with inside The Cohesion Collective!

Featuring Frame Drum, Finger Cymbals, and Voice!

Perform Professionally

The Cued Cohesion improv format makes it so easy to create sets for a variety of traditional and unconventional shows!

Because we have a shared vocabulary, we didn't even have to rehearse for this party that hired us!

I can't wait to see what you create with the Cohesion framework!